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Opera 3 (1.20)

Pegasus Software are pleased to announce that the next release of Opera 3 (1.20) will see the product evolve and strengthen with new applications added, more functionality, and over 60 enhancements to CRM.

What's New in Opera 3 (1.20)

Opera 3 Stocktake

The new application, Opera 3 Stocktake, will help improve accountability and stock management. By extracting product information from Opera 3 Stock Control; the division of stock items (including traceable items) can be strategically allocated to Work Sheets for the relevant personnel to perform manual counts. On completion, management can run a cross-check, resolve discrepancies, make corrections and post adjustments back into Opera 3 to automatically update stock levels.

Stocktake for Opera 3 alleviates the need to post adjustments individually, which is time consuming; and helps businesses to accurately maintain stock levels. By identifying any movements not accounted for by normal processing of the system, it helps to pinpoint the rate of loss, the cost implications and any discrepancies which, for example, could be a direct result of damaged goods. If left undiscovered, it can heavily impact the profit of a business.

Opera 3 Stocktake stores its data in a Microsoft SQL Server (including SQL Express) and allows for Stock records to be extracted from Opera 3 multiple systems and their respective companies.

Opera 3 Notification Services

For many customers, it can be frustrating preparing to run key processes that may require exclusive access to Opera 3. Communicating to users that specific events are due to take place; and ensuring all users are logged out is time consuming and causes unnecessary disruptions.

To enable such processes to take place promptly with no hold ups, the Opera 3 Notification Services easily allows messages to be distributed, directly through the Opera 3 interface. If users ignore warning messages, for example asking them to log out, the shutdown service will enable the administrator to enforce an automatic shutdown of all Opera 3 users, as well as restrict user log-in by setting a lockout period. This will allow the scheduled task to take place at the required time.

When constructing messages with Opera 3 Notification Services, information including a title, date, time, communication frequency (once, daily, weekly or monthly) can all be specified. Messages can be defined as only relevant for specific users or specific user groups, and whether it should be displayed in all Opera 3 companies and systems or only selected companies and systems.

Opera 3 Notification Services lays the path for future integration with the Task Scheduler in forthcoming releases.

Opera 3 Document Management Desktop

It is key for people who don't use Opera 3 to be able to utilise documents associated with their data; as well as be able to easily capture important documents to the relevant areas of Opera 3. This has led to the development of a brand new application, Opera 3 Document Management Desktop. This application enables other members of staff, such as account managers, management, admin and operational staff, that don’t have access to Opera 3; to access important documents associated with their data. They can capture and index relevant electronic documents into the Opera 3Document
Management database.

Opera 3 Document Management Desktop users do not affect the Opera 3 user count. What’s more, each installation of Document Management will get one free Opera 3 Document Management Desktop client user.

Opera 3 CRM Uplift

Pegasus Software has responded to demand from both Pegasus Business Partners and customers and added over 60 new enhancements to Opera 3 CRM, which significantly expands the functionality and flexibility of the CRM applications; including:

A New Opera 3 CRM Summary Scheduler

A new Summary Scheduler facility has been added to Opera 3 Helpdesk Management to give users an alternative way to schedule or reschedule calls; by presenting a summary view of all resources for the chosen month. This enables calls to be scheduled in bulk, rather than from the individual calls themselves.

The Opera 3 Summary Scheduler provides users with an overall view of the scheduling calls over any four week period; and provides flexible filtering for accurate planning. For example, users may wish to view only engineers that work out-of-hours, or calls allocated to a specific department. Users can easily view all calls planned for any resource and date, by simply highlighting the resource and date in question: with added drill down capabilities to individual calendar views, for more precision planning. A New Batch Generation of Planned Maintenance calls A new facility that enables users to create in bulk any planned maintenance calls that may be due for Equipment Items. Users will be able to generate all calls due in one month, two months or future months; without having to create each call individually. By running the Generate Planned Maintenance (PM) Calls routine – Calls are automatically generated based on the calculation of the Next Service Due Date and the Service Interval, and either the Last Service Due Date or the Last Service Done Date, depending on individual requirements for each Equipment Item. This allows users to easily create and keep up to date with any planned maintenance required against equipment records.

Plus a further 60 Opera 3 CRM enhancements which includes the ability to:

  • Set up call templates which also allows the automatic creation of Sales Opportunities when logging new Helpdesk Calls. Opportunities are added into the pipeline instantly; all linked back to the Helpdesk Call
  • Run Worksheet Billing and SOP Processing, directly from a Helpdesk Call. This optionally enables Chargeable Work/Parts to be posted to SOP Processing instantly; which can then be progressed through to invoice immediately to help improve cashflow
  • Update all staff Outlook calendars via Outlook Meeting Request. All activities throughout CRM, and also any meeting requests to engineering/external staff through both the Summary and Resource Scheduler; can be added. What’s more, meeting invitations can be sent to one or more internal or external contacts. The recipients of the e-mail can then either accept the invitation, or reject it.

Additional Enhancements to Opera 3

Opera 3 Nominal

To improve the Rectify Journals facility in Opera 3, Foreign Currency Nominal Journals can now be re-posted at a different exchange rate. In Addition, Nominal Journals can also be re-posted using the latest Allocation Percentages for Distribution Accounts.

New Bankline Adhoc Payments Option in Opera 3

A new Bankline Adhoc BACS file format is available for selection in Purchase Ledger, Cashbook and Payroll. This will enable customers to upload payments which would be processed as single debit/multi credit payments from one bank account to multiple beneficiaries; without having to set up each payee in Bankline that is already set up in Opera 3.

Opera 3 Importer

To allow third party applications to utilise the Open Period Accounting (OPA) functionality, the Opera 3 Importer has been enhanced to offer the same OPA Processing capability that is already provided for transaction posting performed directly within Opera 3 itself.
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