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Pegasus Opera II

Pegasus Opera II gives you complete control of your businesses. It's an intelligent business solution that allows you to make informed business and strategic decisions that directly influence profitability.


Opera II - Powerful and Flexible Analysis

 Pegasus Opera II gives you intuitive analytical requirements in every part of the business. The definable views provide each user the flexibility to define their own level of analysis with full drill down facilities to the each transaction and related document.


Opera II Order Fulfilment, Inventory and Manufacturing

Pegasus Opera II has been designed to simplify control of the supply chain from end to end, helping you control inventory costs and optimise customer service efficiency.

Opera II simplifies the most complex order processing and manufacturing requirements; delivering fast order entry input, materials tracking and traceability, back to back order handling, allocation of stock or assembly kitting and much more.

Opera II Payroll & HR

Pegasus Opera II Payroll & HR simplifies complex payroll procedures, and ensures they are performed accurately, automatically and on time. In addition, the Opera II Payroll & HR solution is HMRC accredited.

Opera II - Real-Time Reporting Technology

Pegasus Instant Messaging (PIM) allows you to effortlessly create scheduled real-time reports, warnings and tasks for individual or work group distribution on either an automatic or timed basis.

These reports and warnings can be delivered directly to the desktop of designated recipients (including non-Opera II users) using a simple instant messenger (IM) styled interface with discreet pop-up information tabs. PIM allows business to critical business information using Chat and other IM collaboration facilities.

Opera II - Sophisticated Financial Reporting

Opera II provides secure and powerful read and write access to the information held within Opera II via Microsoft Excel. Multi dimensional analysis can be performed, by populating data into a data cube. Plus information, for example, budgets, price lists and stock adjustments, manipulated in Excel can be automatically written back into Opera II Enterprise, saving time and effort.

Opera II - A Fully Integrated Business Solution

Pegasus Opera II is a comprehensive business solution, providing complete financial control, supply chain managementpayroll & HR, intelligent reporting, instant messenging, document management, sales pipeline management, service help desk management, fixed assets and executive dashboards.

More Information – Contact Quorum Business Systems

If you require further information regarding Pegasus Opera II software, please contact us.

Quorum Business Systems
are one of Pegasus’ leading Business Partners, and with offices in both Watford and Edinburgh, we are well placed to provide a service to customers throughout the country.

Quorum has specialised in Pegasus Software solutions for over 18 years, while offering the associated services to provide a complete IT service for hundreds of satisfied customers during that time. 

With accolades such as Pegasus Software Best Service Award and Partner Excellence Award 2009, you should look no further than Quorum Business Systems when choosing your business software.

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