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Opera II Dashboards

In today's competitive business environment organisations need access to their business data in a format that will assist in making the right decisions, manage performance and drive results. Opera II Dashboards provides a visually stunning presentation of key business data in real time, through a wide range of user selected formats, with powerful drilldown to underlying data. This allows the management team to easily identify trends and issues and take immediate action.
  • Customised Dashboards for each role
  • Dynamic and interactive
  • Up to 50 Dashboard charts to choose from
  • Ability to set alerts and identify exceptions
  • Safe and secure
  • Remote Access
  • Create your own dashboard items with the Executive Dashboards Manager

More details:

Opera II Dashboard - Customised Dashboards for any role

Every Opera II user can customise their dashboard to suit their specific requirements, highlighting relevant information such as sales performance, financial key performance indicators or stock levels, giving you up to the minute notification of your status, empowering you to made decisions quickly and efficiently. Whether you are a managing director, financial manager or head of sales, Opera II Dashboard can be designed to see business from your perspective.

Opera II Dashboards - Dynamic and Interactive

Opera II Dashboards operates in sync with Opera II, giving you real time data and the ability to view transactions in detail, from data on the whole business to individual invoices. Filters allow you to personalise data to provide you with only the relevant information. 

Opera II Dashboards - Early Warning System

Opera II Dashboards gives you the ability to set alerts for any business contingency that may arise, be it stock levels or any other business performance indicator. This gives you all the key information critical to your business, updated on a continual basis. 

Opera II Dashboards - Safe and Secure

Using the security settings provided by Opera II access rights can be granted through a standard internet browser, allowing you to view your date and take action wherever and whenever you receive information.

Opera II Dashboards - Key Benefits

  • Visually stunning presentation of data 
  • Choose your own graphical style
  • Real-time integration of Opera II data, producing up-to-the-minute financial and business information
  • Remote user access
  • Set up individual dashboards based on users role
  • Drill down to underlying data
  • Further drill down to document image

Opera II Dashboards Manager - Unlock key business information

Opera II Dashboard’s unprecedented flexibility not only allows you to choose from a wide range of dashboard items, but also allows you to create your own. User created dashboard items allow users to share information, preview and publish it, as well as adapt any existing dashboard items.

Unlock key business information and make informed, timely decisions with the Opera II Dashboards Manager.
  • Easy to build
  • Choose from a wide range of chart types
  • Visually attractive with 3D graphical styles available
  • Ideally suited to the user’s view of the business

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