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Pegasus Opera II Payroll & HR - Online Filing Manager

What is Online Filing?

Online Filing was introduced by the Government in 2002 as a means of sending Employers' Annual Returns (P14s and P35) electronically, eliminating the need for paper returns.

It is already mandatory for large and medium sized companies to submit a number of  in-year PAYE forms online to HMRC; P45 (Part1), P45 (Part3), P46, P46 (Pen), P46 (Expat) electronically, and the 2009-2010 tax tear will see this legislation enforced for small companies (fewer than 50 employees in each PAYE scheme).

Sending or receiving information online has many benefits:
  • Secure and convenient
  • Quick and easy
  • Saves time and money
  • Encourages a paperless office
  • Reduces administration Reduces mistakes and misinterpretation

Pegasus Online Filing Manager

Pegasus Online Filing Manager is part of the Opera II Payroll & HR solution, a complete package for all your Payroll & HR requirements, and it’s been accredited by HMRC for verifying and electronically submitting annual returns.

In fact, Pegasus Online Filing Manager was the first professional application to gain HMRC approval for verifying and electronically submitting P14 and P35 information. And in the 2008 – 2009 tax year, Opera II Payroll & HR users submitted more than 1 million P14 end of year summaries using the Pegasus Online Filing Manager.

Online Filing Manager – Key Features

The Online Filing Manager provides the facility to submit End-of-Year returns and in-year forms via the Government Gateway.  Any anomalies that could cause the return to be rejected are automatically highlighted, providing the opportunity to make amendments to the data before submission.

The Online Filing Manager can also process P45 (1), P45 (3) and P46 information entered within the Payroll. It can generate individual or multiple files for submission to HMRC, resulting in reduced manual intervention, a more secure online process and ultimately saving time.
  • HMRC Quality Standard - Pegasus Online Filing Manager is accredited by HMRC. Quality Standard validation is performed on EOY Returns generated by Opera II before submission via the Government Gateway

  • In-Year Forms - submit P45 (1), P45 (3) and P46 information to HMRC online via the Government Gateway

  • Test Submission - HMRC recommends that a test submission be performed prior to the live submission. Built in validation will ensure that the data meets HMRC Quality Standard and errors may be corrected. There is no limit to the number of test submissions performed.

  • Submission Status - connect to the Government Gateway after a submission has been made to check the status of the return

  • Context Sensitive Help - comprehensive and easy to use Help facilities

Where can I find more information about online filing?

  • Contact Quorum Business Systems - if you require further information regarding Opera II Payroll & HR software, please contact us.

  • Download the Pegasus Software Online Filing Guide - the Pegasus Online Filing Guide can be obtained from Pegasus Software.

  • Contact HMRC - HMRC has a number of useful contacts for help with online filing: Visit, call the Employers' Helpline on 0845 7143 143, call the Online Services Helpline on 0845 6055 999 or refer to your Employer’s Budget CD-ROM.

More Information – Contact Quorum Business Systems

If you require further information regarding Pegasus Opera 3 software, please contact us.

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