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Quorum Business Systems Watchdog

Quorum Business Systems Watchdog technology provides easy, affordable server and system monitoring for companies. Our award-winning system monitors Windows® services, disk space, disk health, backup, anti-virus update, Exchange®, websites, watches for hackers and much, much more.

Quorum Watchdog requires no hardware or training, and requires no up-front investment or licence fees.

Quorum Business Systems WatchDog - Pick-and-Mix

Quorum Business Systems WatchDog aims to make system monitoring easy:

  • There are no up-front commitment or minimum levels
  • You are only charged just for the checks you choose to use on each server
  • Each check is priced per server, per week,  making WatchDog a very affordable option
  • If you ever change your mind and re-configure the checks on any server, our fees will be adjusted to reflect only those checks you use

Twin Track Deployment

Many of our users put WatchDog to work for them in a twin-track way:


  • Baseline checks - baseline checks often include Backup, Anti-virus, Exchange Store Size and Disk Space. The goal is to identify small problems before they become major catastrophes and cost you man-days in recovery.

  • Premium monitoring - once you have laid down a baseline that cuts your costs, our users typically choose a ‘premium’ package of monitoring services.  This package often includes many of the 24x7 checks, many of the Daily Safety Checks (to help avoid catastrophes and consequent downtime) and several of the ancillary services such as the Client Confidence Note and Client Dashboard.
For a detailed list of services and associated costs, please click here

More Details

If you want more details about the Award winning services offered by Quorum Business Systems, please contact us.

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